In Memoriam:

Zoe Ruth Finette Berger

December 30, 1950 February 9, 2017

Zoe was a camper at Bearnstow for 10+ years from age 6. She loved all of nature at camp and had always felt close to the earth. She was an avid organic gardener. She lived the better part of her life in Canada in various places. You could just see the Bearnstow effect on her whole life.

Front row: Gabby Bershen, Zoe Berger,
and Bebe Miller; In back: Sally Duby. ca. 1957

Bebe Miller and Zoe Berber in
rowboat on Parker Pond, ca. 1967

Memories of Zoe Berger

Zoe was the youngest of the three Berger girls who attended Bearnstow. She was quite young her first year there. The girls boarded the Greyhound from New York each year for the trip northwith Hazel (Bebe’s mom) as trusted chaperone. Going to camp was the highlight of the year as they counted down the days. All the fresh air thereParker Pond and swimming lessons, horseback riding, dance, music, hikingall the good fun activities to experience at camp.

Zoe loved nature and being close to the earth. She became an organic gardener where she lived in Canada, Her regard for living things so impacted her life that she became a vegetarian early on. And she carried camp close to her heart, as many of us have done. To say that her grounding came from camp is an understatement. She experienced much nurturing during her many years at camp.
Petra Berger

Zoe and I met in the “babies’ class in September (ca. 1954) at the Henry Street Playhouse. One day ten or so “almost” 4-year-olds were lying in a circle. I did the rounds to look them over. One lay there with tears running down into her ears. I picked her up. She grabbed onto me, and I taught the rest of the class with her in my arms—my first encounter with Zoey. Bebe and Zoe were in that class together for that semester. Then Murray “stole” Bebe for his own class (he always took the “shining” ones). By 1955 the two of them were coming to camp together.
Ruth (Reg) Grauert