Contact and Directions

Contact from June 15 to September 14, 2020

Bearnstow on Parker Pond
84 Bearnstow Road
Mount Vernon, ME 04352
Tel. 207-293-2280

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Getting to Bearnstow

BY AIR OR BUS:  Take air or bus to Augusta, Maine. We will pick you up at the airport or bus station.

BY CAR:  See below Google’s “Street View” images showing downtown Mount Vernon landmarks and Yahoo map of Mount Vernon area. Click thumbnail images to enlarge.

Approaching downtown Mount Vernon from Belgrade Road. Prominent landmark is the Community Center, the church building in the center of this photo. Continue past it to the former Country Store.
At left is the former Country Store in downtown Mount Vernon, approached on Belgrade Road. At JCT 41 (stop sign), continue bearing left on Route 41 (also called Pond Road) a few hundred yards to Seavey Corner Road.
Proceed a few hundred yards over a bridge and past an old mill (on your right) to Seavey Corner Road*.
Approaching Seavey Corner Road. After crossing over the bridge, Seavey Corner Road is at “The Corner Antiques” shop (building on the left in photo). Turn right on Seavey Corner Road and follow northwest 1.5 miles to Ithiel Gordon Road.
Approaching Intersection of Ithiel Gordon Road and Tower Road. After driving 1.5 miles on Seavey Corner Road (which has now become Tower Road), turn sharp left onto Ithiel Gordon Road and go south 0.6 miles to Bearnstow Road.
Approaching Beanstow Road. Note house painted green on your left; turn right onto Bearnstow Road just beyond it.
Bearnstow sign. Note the Bearnstow sign at the entrance to Bearnstow Road.

Alternative Routes

Traveling north on Route 41 toward Mount Vernon:

First landmark: Mount Vernon’s historic chimney, crossing bridge between Taylor Pond and Echo Lake

Continue north 2.6 miles to second landmork: “DEW Haven”—Mount Vernon Zoo on the right.

Then take the next left onto Ithiel Gordan Road (gravel road) and travel 2.5 miles to Bearnstow Road. Look for the Bearnstow sign on the left.

From the north, traveling south to Mount Vernon:
Approaching the former Country Store in downtown Mount Vernon from the north on Route 41, continue right on 41 (Pond Road) at the Country Store. Continue a few hundred yards over a bridge and turn right on Seavey Corner Road. “The Corner” novelty shop is on the corner (see photos above).

Yahoo map directions from downtown Mount Vernon

Yahoo map of Mount Vernon area.

Directions from downtown Mount Vernon: Note labeled landmarks in Mount Vernon (Community Center, Country Store, and Corner Antiques). From the The Corner Antiques shop, drive northwest 1.5 miles on Seavey Corner Road (which becomes Tower Road after passing Klir Beck Road) to Ithiel Gordon Road (if you reach the boat access, you’ve gone too far). Turn sharp left on Ithiel Gordon Road and go 0.6 mile south to Bearnstow Road. Turn right onto Bearnstow Road (at the Bearnstow sign), and go 0.4 mile (stay left at the fork in the road) and continue past horse stables to parking lot.

* Note: On online Google Maps, Seavey Corner Road is also called Crest Dr.

Download and print instructions by car from Augusta (Highway 95) to Mount Vernon and Bearnstow (PDF)