New Docks for Bearnstow’s Beach

At the end of the summer we retired the dock and float from our waterfront. These platforms served well over many years but now had deteriorated beyond further repair.

We plan to replace them with a standing L-shaped dock (in our second area for intermediate swimmers) and a floating dock swim raft (in deeper water for advanced swimmers). They will be similar to those pictured here.

Both the dock and the swim raft have aluminum frames with cedar decking; the swim raft a ladder, corner bumpers, and deep-water anchorspurchased from Hammond Lumber Company of Belgrade, Maine. The new dock and float will serve us many decades into the future.

Why platforms are needed: Bearnstow offers a two-week children’s Day Camp program each summer. Swimming instruction is a key part of this program, and platforms give instructors not only a teaching tool but also an overview of the swimming area, which provides the necessary swimmer safety.

Here is where we need your help: the total cost, including installation, will be $6,200—an expense that Bearnstow cannot manage without financial help from you!

So your tax-deductible contribution will be a vital part of our day camp program, as well as enhance the beach experience for those who attend our workshops throughout the summer! Please make your credit card donation on our secure page here. If you wish to send a check, please complete the contribution form here.