Kinetic Cinema

Videos by Mimi Garrard and her mentors

Alwin Nikolais and James Seawright

July 3, 7:30 p.m., Bearnstow Main Hall
(admission free)

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Mimi Garrard has assembled works on video from 1964 to 2014, which span her pro­lific career as a dancer with the legendary Alwin Nikolais, as a choreographer, and later as a video artist. The program also features the work of Alwin Nikolais and James Seawright. It includes work created out­doors and in the studio, in color and black and white, from pure movement to theater.

Mimi Garrard studied and danced with Alwin Nikolais and his colleagues at the Henry Street Playhouse. He pro­duced her concerts from 1964 to 1971. In the early 1970s she began touring under the Na­tional Endowment Touring Program, per­forming in colleges and universities through­out the United States as well as in South America. Her last concert for the stage was in 2001 at the Kitchen in New York City. On September 11, 2001 she saw the Twin Towers fall from 155 Wooster Street where she was living at the time. This was a catalyst for change and she de­cided to create dance for video.

In 2002, she began to produce half-hour programs for Manhattan Neighborhood Network, which gave the in­centive to work consistently. She has created 148 pro­grams to date. Her video work is also shown in festivals worldwide, and is in museums and galleries. This past spring she showed her collaborative work with James Seawright on the dome of the planetarium in Jackson, Mississippi in a biennial program honoring Eudora Welty. She received a life-time achievement award from the Institute of Arts and Letters in Mississippi.

Mimi Garrard acknowledges Alberto del Saz, Co-Artistic Director of the Niko­lais/Louis Foundation for Dance, for pro­viding the video of the 1964 CBS Video Workshop that featured Nikolias’s works.

Above: images from the Nikolais 1964 CBS Video Workshop. From top: “Clowns” from Imago (1963), “Carillon” from Totem (1960), “Mantis” from Imago (1963), and “Rooftop” from Imago (1963) performed by Phyllis Lamhut and Murray Louis

Below: images from various videodances by Mimi Garrard

Dreamstate (2014)

Autumn (2014)

Begin to Weave (2014)

White (2012)

Transcendental Suite (2005)

Cappricio for TV (1968)

A Dream with Three Brides (2007)

Virtual Sculpture #8 Cygnus (2014)

Admission for this event is free, but contributions are greatly appreciated.