Mapping the Human Terrain

Taught by Robin Gilmore

June 2226, 2020
Afternoon classes only, 2:005:00 p.m.

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Weaving together Body Mapping, the Alexander Technique, and developmental movement, we will explore how we are designed to move, and develop a conscious approach to moving with ease and clarity. Body Mapping separates myth from reality and shapes our understanding and experience of body structure and movement. Decoding common dance habits helps to prevent and overcome injury and opens creative windows. Some material will be drawn from Robin’s book, What Every Dancer Needs to Know About the Body. Participants from all levels of movement training are welcome and will gain tools for enhancing their daily lives.

Each day will include a warm-up focusing on a particular area of the body and address individual questions from participants. Robin will offer handson guidance during these sessions. Solo and group movement exploration will include developmental movement and structured improvisation in the woods, rocks, and water.

This workshop meets for three hours MondayFriday afternoon, concurrent with Natural History Week at Bearnstow. Participants are welcome to attend morning nature walks and evening lectures at no additional cost. Expanding our awareness of self to include the environment enlivens our innate coordination so we may tap into a full range of artistic possibilities.

Comments from participants in Robin’s previous workshops at Bearnstow:

“As a somatic movement teacher for 10 years, I feel very enlightened by my amazing week with Robin. It has changed the way I teach my classes! I can finally explore anatomy through my teaching in a very tangible way because I know how my body’s architecture functions. This week is a gateway to ev­eryday embodiment because Robin gifts her participants with many tools. Her knowledge is astounding.” 
—Lauren Kelly-Washington, Reiki Master, Somatic Arts Trainer, Vocalist

“I really don’t think I can put into words what hap­pened to me during the days I was at Bearnstow. Ma­gic is a good word. I can’t get the exercises of her teaching out of my thoughts, and I feel like I have found the next piece of a puzzle . . . and the fire of excitement is burning in my belly.”
—Ruth Lund, Massage Therapist

“Robin creates an atmosphere of openness and opportunity for discovery that is purposeful and invaluable. Asking questions about and of ourselves are skills that Robin encourages and cultivates in this hands-on workshop that allows participants to connect with developmental and ecological path­ways within ourselves as well as seek community and creative process with the people and the world around us. I have fond memories of exploring my roots and my rootedness alongside a wondrous tree!”
—Dr. Julie Mulvihill,Teaching Dance Artist and Scholar

Robin Gilmore is the director of Chesapeake Bay Alex­ander Studies. She began studying the Alex­ander Technique and other somatic disciplines in 1980. Qualifying to teach the Alexander Technique in 1986, she is a Teaching Member and Sponsoring Member of Alexander Technique International (ATI). Robin directs an Alexander Technique teacher training program in Greens­boro, NC, and from 1993 to 1999 directed the Kyoto Alexander Program in Japan. Her book, What Every Dancer Needs to Know About the Body, was published in 2005 and is a required text in numerous college dance and theater departments.

     Robin has been dancing her entire life. After early ballet training, she shifted her focus to modern dance, release technique and Contact Improvisation. Her choreography has been pre­sented in Wash­ington, DC, Philadelphia, New York, Japan, and the Netherlands. She received an award for out­stand­ing solo dance performance from the Maryland State Arts Council. She holds a BA with Honors from American University and an MFA in Dance and Choreography from Temple University. As a Teaching Artist for the Maryland State Arts Council and VSA Arts, Robin teaches developmental movement and dance to children with special needs. She is a faculty member at the Annual Residential Course in Alexander Technique at Ohio State University.

For more information see
See also MOTION — Embodied Awareness, by Leah Weiss and photos by Amy Raab.

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Fees for this workshop:
Resident students (including room and board): $600
Day students (commuters): $225

The 2018 Robin Gilmore Workshop

“Mapping the Human Terrain”:

Back row: Jonathan Trejo, Keila Ching, and Robin Gilmore;
Front row: Ocoee Chapelle, Daniel Ramírez, Ruth Grauert,
Bárbara Valencia, and Symara Johnson