Bearnstow Accommodations

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Accommodations for residents are in charming rustic cabins nestled in the trees along the shore of Parker Pond, each with its own screened front porch and rocker, where you can listen to the songs of the loons from the lake. Each cabin is outfitted with comfortable cots, bedside tables, and bureaus. All cabins have elec­tricity and full bathrooms with showers and hot water.

Dining at Bearnstow is always a convivial gathering on the Main Hall dining porch, and the conversation is lively. Coffee and tea are ready before the breakfast bell for those early risers, power walkers, and bird watchers. The breakfast always includes real oatmeal, assorted cereals and juices, and another hot extra such as eggs or pancakes. And, when the guests have been blue berrying, muffins!

Lunch is buffet style and includes sandwiches from a layout of cold cuts, cheeses, and veggies. And if the weather is dreary, real homemade soup! Dinners are formally set and served family style, with salads from our neighboring organic farm, meat and vegetarian entrees, and great desserts. And we all chip in for wine and beer. We may linger, talking long after dessert is consumed. For the all-day snackers, there are always gingersnaps and apples and other fruit on the serving counter for the taking.

Day Participants
     Those who prefer less-rustic or couples’ accommodations may wish to be Day Participants and find alternative housing. We recommend The Lakeside Loft,, in the nearby village of Mount Vernon.
     For Day Participant commuters the workshop week includes opening Sunday dinner, all class activity from Monday through Saturday morning, six lunches. Day Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from Bearnstow. The fee for Day Participants for the week is $425. Please check “Day Participant (commuter)” on the Registration Form.
     All arrangements (reservations and fees) with The Lakeside Loft or other outside accommodations are the Day Participant’s responsibilty.

Bearnstow offers DSL broad-band Internet Wi-Fi service for those who bring their
wireless devices. Reception is excellent in or near the Main Hall and the Lodge.

Bearnstow’s cabins are numbered 1 through 10 from north to south.

Cabins 14, north of the Main Hall (the largest building), enjoy easy access to the Solarium, an area of flat rocks along the water's edge.

The Lab is to the east alongside Uncle Daniel’s Brook.

The Lodge is just south of the Main Hall, and continuing up the hill are Cabins 5–10. In the cove below Cabin 10 is a sandy bathing beach.