Young Artist Residency Program 2016

Pictured left are: Back row: Ben Swenson-Klatt and Jonathan Trejo; Front row: Ellen Oliver, Chaesong Kim, and Eliza Malecki

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Bearnstow’s Young Artist Residency Program is a summer-long inten­sive of excellent dance and dance instruction. This includes full parti­cipation in all workshop classes (8 week-long workshops, 25 hours weekly), in­struction and mentoring by an interna­tional staff of profes­sional dan­cers and choreographers, participation in weekly informal performan­ces, and a presen­tation of their own work (choreographed in the sum­mer work­shops) in a formally mounted concert at the end of the season.
In return, the residents assist in food preparation and camp facility maintenance throughout the summer, which gives Bearnstow a cadre of capable assistants who can “put their hand to anything.” In addition to these duties, our young artist residents have designed programs and promotional mate­rial, conducted research, composed sound scores, choreo­graphed their own works, created dance videos, and have gone on to perform together in other venues. The artistic calibre of our young artists speaks well not only for the institutions from which they come but also for the Bearnstow image of the re­naissance dancer.
Chaesong Kim, from Ilsan, South Korea, is currently at Bates Col­lege, studying mod­ern dance, per­formance art, theater direct­ing, computer mu­sic, video art, West African music and dance, and Game­lan. She serves as stu­dent con­cert man­ager and stage manager of the main stage pro­duction of the Bates Col­lege The­ater Department.
Eliza Malecki, originally from Southborough, Massachusetts, is studying dance and educa­tion at Goucher College. She is trained in ballet, modern, and contem­porary dance. In­volved in many student-pro­duced projects on campus, Eliza has presented her own choreography, which seeks to explore the fu­sion between comedy and dance.
Ellen Oliver is a recent grad­uate of Hampshire College in Am­herst, MA, where she stud­ied dance and Latin American stud­ies. Ellen’s choreography has been performed in stu­dent productions at the Five College Dance Department, and she has collaborated at The Red Poppy Art House, Tiny Crush Society, and OceA Dance.
Ben Swenson-Klatt, from Min­neapolis, MN, gradu­ates from St. Olaf College in 2016. Ma­joring in Dance and Theater and concen­trating on Wo­men’s and Gender Studies, he has per­formed in over 20 the­ater and dance pro­ductions at St. Olaf. He plans to continue perform­ing after gradu­ation, focusing on po­litical and so­cial statements through art.
Jonathan Trejo is a dancer, assistant choreographer and pro­duction assistant at the Ho­tel Tesoro Manzanillo Re­sorts. He has a Bachelor in Scenic Dance, and is a former dancer of Ballet Folklorico, University of Colima. He spe­cializes in training dan­cers, stage lighting, and in cre­ating movement from the explo­ration of emotion and energy.

The Bearnstow Dancers in Concert:

On August 26, Bearnstow’s Young Artist Residents performed works
developed in the summer workshops at the Vienna Union Hall.

Bearnstow Dancers in Concert — held August 26, 2016, Union Hall, Vienna, Maine
Bearnstow’s Young Resident Artists in Wounded Birds
Ben Swenson-Klatt, Jonathan Trejo, Eliza Malecki, Anabel Sagrero, Ellen Oliver, and Chaesong Kim
Photo by Dylan McLaughlin

The Bearnstow Dancers in Concert:

On August 26, Bearnstow’s Young Artist Residents performed works developed
in the summer workshops to an enthusiastic audience at the Vienna Union Hall.

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