Young Artist Residency Program 2017

See also the Young Artist Residents from 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Meet this season’s Artist Residents:

Angela Cole recently graduated from Roger Williams University, where she received her BA in Dance and Psychology. Her own choreography has been presented at the American College Dance Festival and numerous produc­tions in the Roger Williams Dance Dept. Angela currently dances, choreographs, and teaches in the Providence and Boston area.
Ameer Copper, from Newark, New Jersey, is studying commu­ni­cation and theatre at Centenary University. He has performed in many main stage shows at Cente­nary Stage Company, including an Actor's Equity show. Ameer's fa­vorite style of dance is modern and contemporary. He serves as an actor, dancer, singer, and stage manager at Centenary.
Mario Hernández, from Queré­taro, México, is a dancer, scenic director and dance group coordi­nator at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Educa­tion (ITESM), Querétaro. He has bachelors' in Contemp. Dance (Autonomous Univ. of Que­rétaro) and in Commu­nication Sciences (ITESM). In 2012 he foun­ded his own dance company, Ethérea.
Chaesong Kim, re­turning for her second residency, is a student at Bates College and an alumni of Trinity/La MaMa Pro­gram. Chae­song is interested in making inter­disciplinary per­formance works. Her works have been performed at La MaMa E.T.C., Ping Chong + Company’s DevisingHUB, Bates College, Union Hall in Vienna, Maine, and Trin­ity College.
Ellen Oliver is returning for her second residency at Bearnstow. She is currently a teacher, per­former, choreographer, and film­maker in Massachusetts. She is a member of Ali Kenner Brodsky & Co. and has collaborated with The Red Poppy Art House and OceA Dance. Ellen studied dance at Hampshire College and UNC School of the Arts.
F. Asha Passalacqua is a young movement improviser and film­maker in Berkeley, Ca. He was a 2015 graduate of Hampshire Col­lege ln Amherst, Ma., where he studied integrative psychology, contemplative studies, and dance. He is passionate about the exploring and applying the poten­tial of movement in personal and community based healing.

Bearnstow’s Young Artist Residency Program is a summer-long inten­sive of excellent dance and dance instruction. The program includes full parti­cipation in all workshop classes (8 week-long workshops, 25 hours weekly), in­struction and mentoring by an in­ternational staff of profes­sional dan­cers and choreographers, participation in weekly informal performan­ces, and a presen­tation of their own work (choreographed in the sum­mer work­shops) in a formal concert at the end. Taking each workshop with fellow col­lege undergraduate and graduate students, many of whom are already accomplished dancers, the Artist Residents gain invalu­able insight into the aesthetic of each instructor. They create dances together out of that experience and gradually evolve into a close-knit company of dancers by the end of the summer. The product of their summer-long creative work culmi­nates in a formally mounted concert in the final week of the season.

In return, the residents assist in food preparation and camp facility maintenance throughout the summer, which gives Bearnstow a cadre of capable assistants who can “put their hand to anything.” In addition to these duties, our young artist residents have designed programs and promotional mate­rial, conducted research, composed sound scores, choreo­graphed their own works, created dance videos, and have gone on to perform together in other venues. The artistic calibre of our young artists speaks well not only for the institutions from which they come but also for the Bearnstow image of the re­naissance dancer.