Young Artist Residency Program 2018

From left: Ocoee Chapelle, Sophia Diehl, Daniel Ramírez,
and Symara Johnson; Down front: Bárbara Valencia

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from 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Ocoee Chapelle is a dancer and chor­eographer from Sharpsburg, Mary­land. He is relatively new to the world of dance, but he has a mind for creating. Currently, he is study­ing dance at Hagerstown Community College where he has had the oppor­tunity to dance with several differ­ent chorographers. He dances pri­marily modern and loves to push the enve­lope of what dance can be.

Sophia Diehl is working toward a BA in Dance and Interfaith Religion at St. Olaf College. She has also stud­ied dance and choreography at Cornish College of the Arts and at the Uni­versity of Ghana. Her passion for community-based work has led her to teaching creative dance to child­ren and movement workshops for adults. She is energized by exploring the body politic across cultures.

Symara Johnson, a Portland, Oregon native, has immersed herself in cho­reographic studies globally, including the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, studying Caribbean folk dance and traditional Indian dance. She has a diploma in modern choreography at the renowned Beijing Dance Acad­emy. Symara is now a dance major at SUNY Purchase College with a con­centration in composition.

Daniel Ramírez Martínez is from Xalapa, México. He has a BFA Major in Stage Dance (University of Colima) and BBA Major in Advertising and Public Relations (University of Vera­cruz). He is secretary of United Folk Teachers from Veracruz, collabora­tor of several performing arts festi­vals in México, designs ad campaigns for dance companies, writes his own blog and his hobby is photography.

Bárbara Valencia Bladinieres holds a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts. She is a Mexican creator and perfor­mer who has worked with in­terna­tional choreographers and has taken intensive workshops in Italy, the USA and Spain. She is the direc­tor of Ri­zoma Laboratorio EscÚnico, an inde­pendent project that aims to show, through bodies, film and writ­ing, that all art is political.

Bearnstow’s Young Artist Residency Program is a summer-long intensive of excellent dance and dance instruction. The program includes full participation in all workshop classes (8 week-long workshops, 25 hours weekly), instruction and men­toring by an international staff of professional dancers and choreographers, participation in weekly informal perform­ances, and a presentation of their own work (choreographed in the summer workshops) in a formal concert at the end. As they take each workshop with fellow undergraduate and grad­uate students, many of whom are already accomplished dan­cers, the Artist Residents gain invaluable insight into the aes­thetic of each instructor. They create dances together out of that experi­ence and gradually evolve into a close-knit company of dancers by the end of the summer. The product of their summer-long creative work culminates in a formally mounted con­cert in the final week of the season.

In return, the residents assist in food preparation and camp facility maintenance throughout the summer, which gives Bearn­stow a cadre of capable assistants who can “put their hand to anything.” They are indeed the staff that keeps the camp run­ning. In addition to these duties, our young artist residents have choreographed their own works, designed programs and pro­motional material, conducted research, devised exotic recipes and served incredible meals, composed sound scores, cre­ated dance videos, and have gone on to perform together in other venues. The artistic calibre of our young artists speaks well not only for the institutions from which they come but also for the Bearnstow image of the renaissance dancer.

In Rehearsal for Final Concert

Program for Final Concert, presented September 1, 2018
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