Young Artist Residency Program 2019

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2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Pictured are: Laura Miola, Bearnstow Director
Ruth Grauert, Heriberto (Chino) Mendoza,
and Lucas Rollins-Page.

Heriberto “Chino” Mendoza gradu­ated from the University of Colima in 2012 and is the co-founder of the Lo­comotion Re­search Laboratory and Scenic Creation where he is a profes­sor of contem­porary and aerial dance. He is also a student of yoga and fashion design. Chino was an Artist Resident in 2013 and is happy to be returning to Bearnstow for the 2019 season.

Laura Miola was orginally trained as an actor before jumping into the dance world, her movement train­ing is primarily rooted in somatics. She holds a degree in economics from Santa Clara University where she was a Jean Donovan Fellow. This year she is dividing her time be­tween a crea­tive arts therapy training at Tamalpa Institute and a Butoh dance resi­dency in Italy.

Lucas Rollins-Page, originally from Michigan, has spent the last few years studying at Hunter College in New York City. He creates site-spec­ific dances and visual art installa­tions that explore the visual, social, and geography of a chosen destina­tion. His work has been performed at Hudson Valley Museum for Contem­porary Art, LaMama, and various non-theatrical settings.

Returning Alumni in 2019
Former Artist Residents who joined us at various times during the season,
and who participated in the final concert on August 24.

Eliza Malecki is a Boston-based dancer, teacher, and choreogra­pher from central Massachusetts. In 2016 Eliza was a Young Artist Resident at Bearnstow and went on to be a founding member of 3 Spice Dance, which fosters dance collaboration between Bearn­stow alumni in the Boston area. Currently, Eliza serves as Studio Manager at Green Street Studios, performs with Natalie Johnson Dance, choreographs independently, and works with children in Brookline Public Schools.

Ellen Oliver is an interdisciplinary dance artist based in Provi­dence and Boston. Her artistic practice extends to rock climb­ing, painting, filmmaking, and teaching. She was an Artist Resident at Bearnstow in 2016 and 2017. In January 2018, Ellen, together with Molly Hess and Angela Cole, pro­duced a concert of former Bearnstow Young Artist Residents under the moniker, “3 Spice Dance.”

Divyamaan Sahoo, from Kolkata, India, is a recent graduate of Bates College with a degree in Mathematics, Music, and Philoso­phy. In August 2016 he created original compositions and accom­panied the Bearnstow Dancers in Concert and returned as Resi­dent Musician in 2017. In summer 2018 he was a puppeteer in the Sandglass Theater production of Babylon: Journeys of Refugees, touring and performng throughout the region. He joined us at Bearnstow periodically this summer, collaborating musically with instructors and Artist Residents. He is currently in a graduate program at the Chicago Art Institute.

Jonathan Trejo, from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, is a professional dancer in the Ballet Folklórico of the University of Colima, Mex­ico, and is a consultant, choreographer and assistant director for Ballet Folklórico of Los Angeles. He teaches art in elementary school in Colima. He also serves as a liaison for intercultural exchanges.

The final performance of the 2019 season was
held on August 24 at the Union Hall in Vienna, Maine.

A slde show of Images from the concert has been created below.

Special thanks to our photographers: Jim Anderberg and Arthur Fink!
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The Concert Finale: Bearnstow Stories

“Hallelujah, I'm a Bum”

Ruth tells her story from the Great Depression

The Dancers: Standing: Molly Hess, Eliza Malecki, and Jonathan Trejo;
In front: Divyamaan Sahoo, Ellen Oliver, Lucas Rollins-Page, and Heriberto “Chino” Mendoza

Performance Video of Finale, August 24, 2019

Original choreography: Angela Cole, Ellen Oliver, Molly Hess (Created as part of The Living Room AIR program in Portland, ME); Additional Choreography and performance: Lucas Rollins-Page, Jonathan Trejo-Villalobos, Heriberto Mendoza, Eliza Malecki, and Ruth Grauert

Program for Final Concert, presented August 24, 2019
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