Finding Joy and Peace through Movement and Storytelling

Taught by Lauren Kelly-Washington and Judi Jones

August 511, 2018

Lauren Kelly-Washington teaching a BLiS Moves class
Photo by Sugar Farm Productions
    Goals of this workshop:
  • To create confidence in dancers, writers, actors, teachers, visual artists and everyday extraordi­nary people to realize their authentic, creative ability via story telling through dance, spoken word, or a combination of the two mediums.
  • To inspire personal empowerment that ignites exponential growth using creative dramatic techniques.
Movement Objectives: EveryBODY can move! It is our birthright given by our creator. When we become comfortable with the way we move our movement becomes purposeful, joyful, and connected to peace. Peace begins by what we say and what we do.

Storytelling Objectives: At the end of the workshop your story, with all its ups and downs, will become your ignition switch for inspired personal growth. The obstacles of your downs can become climbing stones to your suc­cesses. Your story is unique.

We invite all ages and levels of dancers, NON-dancers, writers, actors, teachers, visual artists and everyday extra­ordinary people to join us on this journey of empowerment and joy. Each day will begin with a self-care body awareness warm-up followed by an imagination stir-up to fuel our funny bone! Your week will be enhanced by the enchanting woods and waters of Bearnstow on Parker Pond. BE THERE!

Lauren Kelly-Washington holds a BA in Ethnic Studies and is the founder of BLiS* Moves™. She has honed her passion for dance and music for two decades by studying and performing dance forms such as The Nia Technique™, modern, African, Haitian and Middle Eastern. Lauren has also studied a variety of choral and traditional music from the African Diaspora and Eastern Europe. Her earthy alto voice captures the sacred nature of this music. A perfect complement to many movement forms, BliS Moves™ draws from a variety of somatic move­ments and ethnic dance. Lauren has a reputation as an open and loving teacher who is gifted at the art of inviting her students to explore their joy and full potential.

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* BliS = Body Language is Somatic

Judith A. Jones She teaches, she inspires, and she connects: She is the founder, director, and visionary of Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts and Educational Director of Launch Pad Studios. Growing up in New York City in the early ’50s Judi became involved in youth gangs. To help change her direction Judi’s mom put this aggressive 13-year-old in a theatre company for high-risk youth that would take her off the streets and put her on stage! Since theatre changed her life, “Mama Jones” (as people call her) has been committed to using the arts and the youth in our communities as change agents to ensure safety, security, and positive personal growth.

     Judi Jones is a former Marine Officer, has a BA in English from City CollegeNew York, and a BA in Theatre Education from the University of MissouriKansas City. She has many years’ experience in community action, directing, teaching, administration, and theatre education. An extraordinary storyteller, Mama Jones has captured the hearts and minds of children and adults with her “life lesson stories.” Her recently released book Brr-rumblin Song is a story to inspire young people that working together across racial lines and being compassionate can bring change.

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