Natural History Week at Bearnstow 2014

Held June 2327 and July 7

Download the 2014 Natural History Week brochure (PDF)

Bearnstow Launched Natural History Week, Monday, June 23

With Dr. Andrew Barton on “The Changing Nature of the Maine Woods”

On Tuesday, June 24, Kevin Doran, Forester and Natural Science Educator for the Maine Forest Service, took us through the forest and demontrated how the age of a tree is determined.

Wednesday, June 25:
Eric Jones, Assistant Professor of Plant Biology, University of Maine at Machias
     “Citizen Science: Using Natural History Skills to Support Scientific Research”

Thursday, June 26:
Julia Daly, Associate Professor of Geology, University of Maine at Farmington
     “Evolution of Maine’s Landforms and Lakes”

On Monday, July 7, Alene Onion, Invertebrate Biologist, N.Y. State Department of Environmental Conservation, presented “Parker Pond's Animals Without Backbones,” demonstrating how the small animals without backbones that live in Parker Pond can help determine the quailty of the pond’s water.

Videos by Ben Grinberg. See Ben's other videos on Vimeo.