Writing and Moving, a Creativity Retreat

Taught by Claire Porter

August 28, 2020
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Dana Crowe, Claire Porter, Sabatino Verlezza, and Susan Thomasson
in Pronoun Emergency 2013 ~ Photo by Jennifer Jones

Write and move and create dances/scenes/texts in a beautiful getaway in Maine. Each day, enjoy a physical and vocal warm up, followed by fun movement and creative problem solving. Hone in, through play and writing, on a particular subject, then write, play and work. Each day perform, think, discuss and have time to rest, relax and enjoy the lake. Plan on a fun experi­ence. And end up with a new dance/study/script!

“Claire Porter’s Writing and Movement workshop at Bearnstow was an amazingly creative exper­ience and great fun. Claire had us "change up" our own authored words and phrases in unexpected ways (sort of like playing a jig-saw puzzle or scrabble game). The end result was remarkably authentic, primal movement that better reflected my original artistic dance intent. Plus, the rugged, pristine Maine landscape is inspiring. So is Ruth Grauert, Bearnstow director, and generous host.” Terry Conlon, choreographer
“Claire Porter’s writing and dance workshop at Bearnstow was exactly where I needed to be for a week. I was able to immerse myself in the fun, joy and beauty of dance and writing, with Claire easefully guiding and nudging all of us toward a piece by the end. I enjoyed the camaraderie with other participants over meals, swimming, creating, and worrying over how a piece was going to come together in just 5 days. I learned to trust myself and my movement and writing,

Dana Crowe, Claire Porter, and Misaki Karachi
in Pronoun Emergency 2013
Photo by Jennifer Jones

and learned new techniques for honing my craft. This was a truly wonderful experience, with many thanks to Claire for her generosity of talent, and to Ruth for her devotion to the art of dance.” Stacee Cooney, Special Event Coordinator, Sugar Sand Park Community Center, Palm Beach, FL
“It was truly a delight to work with Claire Porter in her workshop. It was a seamless exploration of movement and text, integrated, and investigated both in terms of their expressive potential and their intellectual intrigue. We played and created for days, with little to no emphasis on the product. The freedom to explore and to make something, anything, without censure (self or others), was truly liberating. The end product in my case was a new ‘composition’ with text that I performed professionally, a piece unlike anything I had made before, but until the last day of the workshop, I had no idea it would happen. And that was really nice.” Donna Davenport, Summer of ’08, Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Dance, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
“Ruth’s direction, Claire’s ideas, the participants feedback, and the ideal setting of Bearnstow along the water was a unique opportunity to focus on a new choreo­graphic approach to my work. I was amazed with the wonderful ideas. Treat yourself!” Vicki Angel, dance educator/choreographer
“Claire Porter at Bearnstow: an illuminating workshop in a gorgeous lakeside location with thoughtful, creative participants. Bravos also to Ruth and staff for caring for us with home-cooked meals and stories of the Maine woods and creative process. . . .” Ara Fitzgerald, choreographer, Director of Dance, Manhattanville College
“Claire’s workshop allowed me room to work on a specific project, while giving structure to move me into places I wouldn’t have otherwise gone. It gave me inspiration and tools to continue to work on the piece past the workshop. The workshop was very productive and lots of fun (not to mention the wild blueberries)!” Nancy Lyons, Professor of Dance, Sonoma State University
“Claire’s workshop was stimulating, thought-provoking, and FUN. She created an atmosphere of freedom and joy which led to genuine creativity and lots of surprises. And late-night suppers on the porch, listening to the loons, were great, too!” Linda Tarnay, Summer ’09, Professor of Dance, NYU Tisch School of the Arts

Claire Porter of Claire Porter / PORTABLES (www.cportables.com) is a writer, dancer and choreographer with an extensive record of performances and residencies in Europe, Asia and in the USA. Porter is a Guggenheim Fellow 2013 and has received National Endowment for the Arts Choreography Fellowships, New Jersey State Council on the Arts Choreography Fellowships and Mid-Atlantic Choreography Fellowships. She has received many university commissions for her work, most recently Out of The Question for Purchase College and Sentenced to Sentences for Montclair State’s New Works Initiative. She created Falling for Prepositions with composer Mary Ellen Childs and performed by soprano Marla Berg with support from a New Music for Dance Grant. Porter has an MA in Dance from Ohio State, a BA in Mathematics and is a Laban Movement Analyst. Contact Claire at claire@cportables.com for more information.

Download Claire Porter’s CV (PDF).

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The 2019 Claire Porter Workshop

Top row: Kristin Torok, Allison Knuth, Kristen Stake, Louis Chautard, and Peter Kyle;
Second row: Theresa Conlin, Erin Brown, Gia Collins, Molly Hess, Claire Porter, and Ruth Grauert;
Third row: Laura Miola, Linda Yates, Willow Green, Tracy Pattison, Liz Keen, and Clara Johnson;
Front row: Lucas Rollins-Page, Heriberto (Chino) Mendoza, Ann Matthews, and Shari Rosenblatt